Halloween  is now the UK’s highest spending celebration after Christmas and Easter, and statistics show that it is still growing. Over the last decade, we have seen an increase of over £300m, with UK sales forecasting another rise of 12.5% on last year.

The business opportunities are even becoming universal- increasing numbers of Americans and Canadians are celebrating Halloween year on year.

Why? It may be that TV series and films like The Twilight Saga are helping Halloween appeal to adults, not just kids, but not only are consumers becoming more widespread- they are spending an increasing amount. Costume sales have rocketed and party and house decoration sales are higher than ever.

So, with such huge business opportunities, what can you be doing to ensure you’re maximising on your sales success this Halloween?

If you’re in the retail business, expand your service offering as well as your products. It’s not just about sweets and pumpkins anymore, so think outside the box, consumers love new ideas! Most importantly, make sure your face to face sales staff and telesales staff understand the potential of the Halloween market.

Your sales people are the engine of your business- Increase they’re interest so they’re passionate about what they’re selling. Find out about ghost stories in your area, visit a haunted house….anything to help get them into the spirit of Halloween and help them build rapport with customers!

In order to fully maximise on your sales success, your sales staff should be clear and confident on how to attract and maintain the attention of consumers, including how to sell add ons, how to up sell and how to cross sell. Identifying opportunities to sell to is crucial.

So after a strong summer, embrace the darkness this Halloween and let your sales figures shock you!!!