Our Approach

How We Do It

Frosch Learning is a training and implementation Consultancy. In other words, training is only 50% of what we do. The other 50% goes towards making sure that the training is implemented in your workplace. Our unique approach ensures that we take responsibility not only for our input, but also the output of the participants following our programmes- something that sets us apart from the rest.

What That Means for You

As a valued customer, Frosch Learning will ensure that you not only:

See an immediate beneficial impact
but also witness

Significant contributions to your longer term objectives

Our variety of Open and In House Programmes are tailored to suit your company’s needs, which means that no matter which industry and specialism you’re in, participants taking part in training will receive real learning that is relevant to them. This enables each person to maximise their potential.

Our Approach

We know that 80% of training doesn’t work.

That’s why, based on 20 years of inspired development, Frosch Learning has developed a unique training approach which will allow you to see and track positive change within your workplace from the onset. Included in the Frosch Learning approach are the following steps:

How to effectively manage relationships with your clients
5 sales shortcuts and bad habits to avoid

Our Methodology

“Changing behaviour so that sales performance increases”

Step 1.

By doing research before a project begins so that all parties know where they are starting from and going to.

Step 2:
Agree Objectives

By agreeing clear objectives between Frosch Learning and a company sponsor.

Step 3:

By creating learning situations that are specific and relevant to the company’s needs.

Step 4:

By using our unique process that helps each individual identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Step 5:
Coach and Train

By providing focused coaching to each participant aimed at specific and relevant areas of their role, and constructing training DVD’s to help turn best practice into common practice.

Step 6:
Measure and Report

By measuring the results and reporting, the sponsor can see that progress is being achieved.

Step 7:
Feedback and Support

By giving honest feedback at all times, to all those involved, no one is left with uncertainty.