Winning The Business

"Success is dependent upon two things. What you say and how you say it."

Winning The Business

Using High Performance Selling Teams to Win Key Tenders

Do you have an upcoming pitch that’s important to win, or feel some of your staff may not be winning tenders the way they should?

5 sales shortcuts and bad habits to avoid

Who is the Training For?

Training is for any group required to carry out a pitch to win key Prospects.

What does the Training do?

This Winning The Business Training will develop the team’s approach in how to sell effectively together, giving memorable, actionable presentations with maximum impact.

Pre Training Review

Frosch Learning would carry out sessions with elected sponsors to agree any key objectives.

Content of Training

Whilst the training will be tailored according to group and company requirements, from experience training is likely to include:

First Session:

  • The Pitch as it would be done
  • Reviewing and rebuilding the structure where required
  • Improving the content where required
  • Re-doing key parts of the pitch
  • Agreeing who needs to do what before the next session

Second Session:

  • All team members reconvene to do the pitch again
  • In-depth training for each member of the pitch team where more help is still required
  • Tactics for the pitch: before, during and after

To ensure a balanced team approach, training on how to sell effectively together will cover:

  • Evaluation of each individual’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Identifying and agreeing goals
  • Roles within the team
  • Delivery of key messages
  • Producing positive synergy from the team

Post Training review

Following the training programme, Frosch Learning will return to discuss the presentation/s. This will include a detailed review and coaching session.


By the end of the programme, the team will:

  • Be able to deliver clear, powerful presentations as a team
  • Understand how to develop content and structure for a winning pitch
  • Have a developed their understanding of how to deliver key messages as a team
  • Have developed a full understanding of their strengths and be given practical methods for the areas that still need improving
  • Have a full understanding of how to work together to maximum effect

Each participant will leave the workshop with:

  • A DVD of their presentation
  • A clear action plan of what they need to do at the next tender to ensure the team wins the business

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