Cold Calling

How to Cold Call Effectively

Cold Calling

Who is the Training For?

Frosch Learning’s training will benefit any person who is required to cold sell on the telephone.

How sales training identifies skills gaps in your staff

What does the Training do?

Our Tailored Cold Calling Training Programmes are designed specifically for your organisation, with the main objective of increase conversions from cold.

Pre Training Review

Training is most effective when it is relevant to the participant. For this reason, detailed case studies are developed by Frosch Learning and the appropriate Line Manager to enable the techniques covered in the Workshops to be practiced effectively. In this way the participants are able to maximise their potential.

Content of Training

Our Sales Training Consultants will run on site training to improve cold calling techniques in order to achieve success. Content is likely to include:

  • Preparation and research
  • Top tips to maximise motivation and consistent results
  • How best to engage the target
  • When and how to present
  • How to handle objections
  • Developing the best counter arguments
  • Spotting buying signals
  • Keeping the initiative

Post Training review

All Telesales Training involves review, summary, conclusions and action plans. Part of this process can take place as individual simulations whereby each participant leaves with a recording of their conversations and receives written feedback on their strengths and areas where improvements are still required. This is accomplished using case studies specific to an individual and their situation.


By the end of the programme, each participant will:

  • Understand how to effectively prepare and research for a campaign
  • Have an improved ability to maximise motivation and produce consistent results
  • Have gained a full understanding of how best to engage the target and when and how to present
  • Have an improved knowledge on how to handle objections effectively
  • Be able to develop the best counter arguments
  • Have an improved ability to spot buying signals
  • Know how best to keep the initiative

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