Key Account Management

Key Account Management Programmes (KAM)

Key Account Management (KAM)

Frosch Learning has a specialist division that deals solely with Key Account Management and Customer Service.

We believe that the driving force behind KAM is profit – it is not just about “cuddling Customers.” It is about improved profits for the Customer and improved profits for your organisation.

  • It is a methodology that should be targeted at a small number of defined accounts – the 20% that produce 80% of the business.
  • Leadership is often situational. We believe that there are occasions when an account director should hand over responsibilities to a colleague if s/he is better qualified to achieve the objectives within the account plan.
  • We believe that Key Account Management starts at the top or it does not start. KAM is one of senior management’s ultimate leadership challenges – it is a time to get back to the front line to motivate and inspire.
  • Key Account Management often fails when account directors attempt to win business single-handedly. We believe that KAM is a “team sport” where multi-level activity, good communication, clear plans and concentration of resources will win the day.
  • KAM requires strong cultural foundations. It will only work well externally if teamwork, service, support and relationships are working well internally.
  • KAM is a constantly rolling process. We believe that contract renewal starts on day one, not three months before the end of the contract.
  • The customer should be actively involved throughout. Key Account Management is not something you do to customers – it is something you do with customers.
  • We believe that all parts of the KAM process have to be managed as the journey from strategy to reality is rarely straightforward.

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