Leadership Assesment

An Unparalleled Leadership Skills Workshop

Leadership Assessment

Who is the Assessment For?

This Leadership Assessment Training Programme can be used as part of the selection process when recruiting new Managers, or to identify gaps that Managers have compared to their job profile.

What does the Assessment Do?

It helps the Manager and organisation appreciate areas where improvements are required that were not clear before the Leadership Assessment and Review.

Pre Assessment Review

Frosch Learning would carry out sessions with elected sponsors to understand the profile of leader required to succeed in today’s business environment.

Content of Assessment

  • The Job Profile – Role And Responsibilities
  • The Ideal Person Profile – Knowledge, Skills, Mindsets
  • The Critical Parts Of The Role
  • Developing Exercises To Measure Knowledge, Skills And Mindsets Required
    • Carrying Out The “Leadership” Assessment
  • Analysis and Report Write Up

Post Assessment Review

Each Manager will come away with an action plan for him/herself. Frosch Learning will then return to your workplace to conduct an in-depth, post implementation review meeting eight to twelve weeks after the programme and report back to the sponsors.


By the end of the session, each Manager will:

  • Understand their own profile – knowledge, skills and mindsets
  • Have a clear understanding of how to bridge the gap between their own profile and the job profile
  • Have the ability to utilise this process with their own people
  • Have an action plan in place to maintain awareness and ensure continued development

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