Exhibition Selling

Don’t Break Even. Make Exhibition Attendance a Must for Your Business and See Your ROI

Essential Selling Skills

Duration: 2 days

The techniques covered on this External Sales Programmehave been developed by Frosch Learning based upon twenty years of inspired development.

Who is this training for?

The Essential Selling Skills Open Course is for all participants who are required to sell to Customers and Prospects in their day-to-day duties.

What does the training do?

This comprehensive Sales Course is specifically designed to develop each participant’s interpersonal skills in all key aspects of the sales process.

Content of training

During the Open Training Course, each participant will…

  • Be given practical methods to improve their efficiency in the way they manage their Customer base in today’s market conditions
  • Clearly understand different objectives and retreat aims that can be set for every type of sales visit
  • Be reminded of the things to do and not to do during those most important first few minutes
  • Develop in-depth skills in questioning technique so every sales opportunity is identified effectively
  • Build a bank of quality questions for their own business environment
  • Gain an understanding of any personal communication difficulties they may have and be given relevant techniques for self-improvement
  • Learn how to make best use of visual material, proposals and samples in presenting their product and services to best effect
  • Understand how best to handle the Customer when handling difficult objections
  • Be shown how to build the best counter arguments to the most frequent objections they receive
  • Be given practical ways of overcoming the objections they receive on price
  • Build confidence in gaining commitment from the Customer including 10 ways to close sales without appearing pushy
  • Be shown a simple yet effective way to check that they are meeting the right decision makers in the Customer

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