Sales & Customer Service

Sales & Customer Service

Businesses are often concerned that their Customer Service Teams will appear as ill-reputed ‘Sellers’ if presented with any sort of Sales Training, so may, justifiably, refrain from putting the two terms ‘sales’ and ‘customer service’ together.

But why shouldn’t your Customer Service Team be taught how to sell your products whilst delivering outstanding customer serviceFrosch Learning has developed specific training and coaching for this very thing.

Whether you’re a retailer, an inbound call centre or in the service industry, and you’re looking to increase results, we provide tailor-made training specifically designed to maximise revenue within your customer service teams.

Who is the Training For?

Whether it’s face-to-face customer service, or customer service on the telephone, Frosch Learning’s training will benefit all who are required to sell to customers and prospects.

Pre Training Review

Frosch Learning would carry out sessions with elected sponsors to understand exactly where training is required.

Content of Training

We have developed practical techniques to enhance learning for our delegates, including recorded simulations for situations that are typical to your business, followed by a detail review and coaching session.

All customer service training will be specifically adapted to each business and individual, and will by no means be tied to this structure. Typical areas that are often covered are:

Customer Service in Action

  • Our own positive and negative experiences as a Customer
  • Discussing areas where company process/systems can create problems for the Customer
  • Developing practical ideas that will stop/minimise these problems occurring in the future

Receiving The Inbound Telephone Call or Face to Face Consumer Visits

  • The main types of call/visit handled
  • The importance of creating the best first impression and how to do so
  • Questioning and listening skills to help clarify the issues
  • How to respond and present solutions positively
  • What to do when checking information and the Customer is waiting
  • How best to explain “news” that you feel will not be received well
  • How to leave the Customer with a positive feeling
  • Handling Customers when you don’t know the answer
  • How to introduce a colleague to a Customer professionally
  • How to handle objections:
    • Developing best answers to the objections most frequently received
    • How to handle difficult Customers
    • Motivating action from other colleagues

Making Successful Outgoing Telephone Calls or Visits

  • The differences in structure to the incoming call/visit
  • How to organise yourself
  • Creating positive first impressions
  • Keeping your message clear and short
  • Keeping the initiative for your next contact

Individual Action Plans

  • Individual Action Plans will be built by each person to help make changes where required
  • A Team/Department Action Plan will be built where required

Post Training review

Following the training programme, Frosch Learning will return to ensure positive change. This will include a detailed review and coaching session.


By the end of the programme, each participant will:

  • Have gained a full understanding of all customer experiences and be able to use this knowledge to best effect
  • Have improved ability in questioning, listening and presenting solutions positively
  • Have developed their ability to handle difficult situations when handling customers
  • Have gained a deep understanding on how to handle objections effectively
  • Have significantly improved their effectiveness in making outgoing calls to improve results

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