Selling to a Group

How to do presentations successfully

Selling to a Group

Who is the Training For?

Training is for any people or group of people required to present to groups.


What does the Training do?

This Presentation Skills Training will develop each individual’s skills in how to sell effectively to a group audience, giving memorable, actionable presentations whilst appearing both confident and natural.

Pre Training Review

Frosch Learning would carry out sessions with elected sponsors to understand exactly where training is required.


Content of Training

This workshop is highly interactive and concentrates on the actual presentation that each person is required to give. Whilst the training will be tailored according to individual and company requirements, likely areas to be covered are:

  • High impact opening
  • Clear, well structured messages
  • Ensuring the structure of the presentation is clearly signposted and not delivered as a series of slides
  • How to explain slides effectively and quickly
  • How to use power point/ visuals to best effect
  • Tips on personal projection
  • How to gain audience participation and involvement from decision makers
  • Handling audiences including ‘fast-balls’ and particularly difficult people
  • How to close a presentation and make sure the audience is positively influenced by it

Post Training review

Following the training, Frosch Learning will return to follow up the programme. This will include a detailed review and coaching session.


By the end of the session, each participant will:

  • Be able to deliver clear, powerful presentations
  • Have a full understanding of how to use visuals for maximum impact
  • Have improved personal projection
  • Understand how to involve, and how to best to handle, an audience
  • Have developed their ability to close a presentation

Each participant will leave the workshop with:

  • A DVD of their presentation
  • A clear action plan of what they need to do at their next presentation.

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