When it comes to marketing, the internet has changed everything. From pay-per-click advertising to sponsored blog posts, there are now hundreds of alternative routes which can be utilised to generate leads for your organisation. However, despite new technologies changing the way we promote our businesses, telesales is still an effective method of lead generation, and in many cases, is often much more effective than the new modern forms which seek to replace it.

Delivers a human touch                                                                                  

Picking up the phone and speaking to a prospective client is a more engaging and intimate method of generating leads than an advertising banner will ever be, as you can tailor your sales pitches to meet the needs of your individual clients. Not only can you use your phone call to sell the benefits of your product or service, but you can find out valuable information about your clients and leverage useful information which can be used for future telesales or marketing communications methods.

Motivated people sell

There is no number of tweets that can share the same level and enthusiasm as an engaged member of your sales team, and telesales marketing is the ultimate platform for such excitement. If your organisation has a large marketing and sales department, then ensuring you use telesales will allow you to keep your workforce productive, engaged and on target, saving you money and allowing you to hit your sales targets more easily and more effectively.

Telesales can be part of a synergy

Although digital marketing techniques can be effective when correctly executed, they often work best when they are paired with pre-millennia sales tactics like telesales. By putting your marketing ingredients together – for example, generating a lead by offering a  white paper download, and then calling them to discuss the benefits of your services – you will be able to enjoy increased sales and show that you are passionate about delivering a service that isn’t exclusively delivered behind a screen.

Telesales can be used to nurture

If your business leads aren’t nurtured for significant periods of time, they are likely to suffer as a result. By showing interest in every potential customer with a quick call, and finding out where they are in their decision-making process, you are more likely to maintain a consistent level of engagement and turn them into a client, even if it does take more time than you may like.

Start with well-trained employees

At Frosch Learning, we’re passionate about delivering training services that improve the performance and efficiency of your workforce. Our telesales training programmes were designed to meet the exacting needs and requirements of your organisation, with the key objectives being to increase lead conversions and improve the effectiveness of your business marketing and cold calling operations. If you are interested in finding out more, we recommend perusing our website, where you’ll find a full list of our courses and contact information.