Naturally, every business leader wants a team of highly motivated employees who will fight to not only do everything asked of them but also do it all well. However, you might be reluctant to utilise one of the most recommended methods of motivating workers…

That method is boosting their pay packets. Perhaps your reticence stems from a slightly shaky economy – or maybe, quite simply, you don’t have the necessary money. Here are some alternative strategies that won’t involve dipping into your money pool.

Set challenging tasks

You can’t expect members of your team to develop their skill base if you don’t challenge them with the tasks that you provide them with. This means not simply handing them all of the same responsibilities to which they have become accustomed.

When presenting the task, make sure that the challenge remains reachable for the person, HuffPost advises. The task should also still be in the realm of what they are interested in pursuing.

Provide opportunities for self-development

Of course, we have just detailed why your personnel can develop themselves when you put challenging tasks in front of them. However, if there are very specific skills that you would like them to learn, you can fast-track this process by providing your staff with formal training courses.

At Frosch Learning, we offer a broad choice of training courses for businesses. These courses include business development, sales training, and leadership and management.

Cultivate a pleasant working environment

Recent studies have shown that employees are more attracted to an enjoyable working environment rather than money. This is promising news, as you could find that improving your work environment and employee culture is a much simpler financial goal in comparison to increasing your payroll budget.

Ultimately, the workplace should be a nice place in which to not only work but also relax and have fun. Cultivating such a place could help to develop strong and productive employee camaraderie.

Show your appreciation of your employees’ work

Something else that can often make a stronger positive impression than a pay rise is employee appreciation. Show your workers how much you genuinely appreciate the distinct contributions that each of them make. You can show this appreciation in many different ways, explains Fast Company.

For example, you could use staff meetings to shine a spotlight on achievements or give particular employees extra responsibilities if they are capable of them. Remember to encourage and support them with any new ownership.

React appropriately to honest mistakes

Mistakes can often happen easily and unintentionally. When one does occur, you should avoid punishing the employee who has blundered. Instead, you should encourage a learning experience from the misstep to avoid it being made again.

Of course, you can still reduce the likelihood of mistakes arising in the first place if you give your staff a high standard of training. You can phone us on 020 3859 0707 to arrange exactly that.