If you are passionate about managing your sales team and improving their efficiency, follow our three essential strategies that are sure to deliver results.

Invest in quality training

Most businesses focus on a one-size-fits-all training scheme for their employees in a bid to save money and standardise their procedures, but this is often an unproductive way of managing a team of individuals. By spending too much time on developing a single training scheme and focusing on the numbers, you are likely to miss out on working closely with your employees and therefore miss getting feedback from them directly.

Investing in high-quality sales training, like the solutions we offer at Frosch Learning, is one of the most effective methods of boosting your sales. Tailored development strategies which have been designed to accommodate both the needs of your employees and your business objectives is one of the best ways to boost productivity, engagement and job satisfaction.

Use your sales team effectively

Your skilled, professional sales team should be spending as much of their time as possible selling to prospective clients, but in small businesses without clearly defined departments, roles can be skewed. If you find that you are asking your sales team to stuff envelopes, fill out forms and complete other duties, their levels of motivation and engagement are likely to suffer, so make sure that every member of your team has a defined role to ensure they are working to their best.

When you are working with a larger sales team, you also need to consider the effectiveness of your workforce in relation to your prospective clients. For example, you don’t want to use your highest-performing sales expert in front of a low-value client, nor do you want to put a sales trainee in front of an important new business prospect. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of every member of your workforce, you’ll be able to place individuals to maximise their impact.

Give your sales team accountability

If you want to maximise the effectiveness of your sales team, you need to ensure that every member is accountable for their own work. The reputation of your business is measured in every form of communication – through email, tweets and sales calls – so your salespeople need to understand the power of their roles and take accountability for their actions.

For employees who want to develop their careers, implementing accountability into their roles is essential. Whether that’s allowing them to respond to complaints personally, keep a log of important communications or attend regular meetings to discuss their productivity, you can keep your employees on track by giving them the responsibility they crave. For workers who resist accountability, it is essential that you invest in more training and implement strategies that will deliver regular improvement.

By working on the continual improvement of your sales team, you will be able to hit targets, improve efficiency and boost morale and job satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Frosch Learning team today to find out more about what we can do for your business.