Sales training for your most talented employees

For any company that relies on good sales people, you will understand that your top employees are like gold and can be extremely valuable to growing your business.  Perhaps they reach their targets regularly and they have been doing so for a long time.

However, it is often assumed that as long as a sales team knows its products and is reaching the goals set, that there is no room for improvement. In reality this could not be further from the truth and like anything in life, we can all be better at what we do.

Practice makes perfect

A professional classical pianist may learn all the notes in music but that does not mean they can tackle a Chopin masterpiece without dropping a few notes the moment they learn them. They may well have a natural talent and perhaps their ability is classed as above average. However, this kind of talent needs careful nurturing. Therefore, the professional pianist usually develops their skills over time and with constant practice every day, eventually they reach perfection. However, once there, they retain that perfection with more practice.

With your own team you should not assume that because they know the notes, they may not benefit from some support and additional training to help them achieve their own perfection. While you may have a star in your business who has a distinct knack for sales, you may find that with the right support they could go even further, building your business and their confidence along the way.

Lifelong learning

Good sales is about knowing but also learning every single day and you should never take what people know (or don’t know) for granted.  If you ask an eighty year old if they know everything about life, the chances are, they will tell you that they know a lot but that they are still learning about the world and the new technologies that exist.

Now ask yourself if your sales team know everything about selling, your business, your products, your customers and their needs and have everything they need.  Most likely they know a lot of course, but no doubt they are still learning too.