It’s easy to think of many people from history who have been hailed for their leadership skills – like Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Steve Jobs… the list goes on. However, don’t be led into thinking that managing your own team to success requires a “secret sauce” that could take you a long time to develop. Here are six ways in which you can enhance your management ability speedily.

Define your company’s vision before broadcasting it

Why was your company originally formed? What is its current purpose? In what direction – or directions – would you like to take your company going forward? What particular people do you primarily aim to impact? You should answer these questions to devise the corporate vision before you display it in areas where your employees can regularly see it.

Communicate better and more frequently

This might seem like vague advice, but it is worth emphasising because whatever message you want to send, you might not be sending it sufficiently clearly to your workers. The Training magazine website declares that “the secret to great communication is to communicate well and often.” So, encourage your team to unite in their goals. You can also arrange, to be held with your workers, regular meetings; these don’t need to be lengthy and tedious.

Inject more fun into your workplace

There are certain successful companies that you could imagine being fun to work for. These companies might include Facebook, Google and Disney. Those also happen to be three of the world’s most thriving businesses. There’s clearly something to be said for making work enjoyable and not simply a chore. Making your own workplace more fun could encourage great workers to stay; however, strike a good balance to ensure that they can remain connected with your firm’s vision.

Admit when you have made a mistake

Doing this will show humility and cultivate a closer relationship with the people you are leading. Those people will also have greater respect for you and so be loyal to you. You strengthen as a leader by admitting your mistakes; this is because it lets you progress by devising solutions or requesting your team to make their own suggestions.

Put together a to-do list and follow it

You could make that list by setting reminders on your computer or phone. After doing this, you will be prompted to fulfil the listed tasks as the time arrives to do so – and acting on your list is a crucial aspect of following this tip. However, PsychCentral advises that you keep your list attainable. Thus, you should prioritise items rather than note many of them that might never be tackled.

Focus on one thing at a time rather than multitask

Don’t be lured into thinking that multitasking will boost your productivity or efficiency. Your mind will work better when it is allowed to focus on strictly one thing. Remembering this can be good for time management, in which we offer in-house training. Our website includes comprehensive details of this training’s content.