Since last year’s Brexit vote, several big name companies have revealed plans to greatly expand in London, as noted by Business Insider. Apple intends to open new UK headquarters in Battersea Power Station, while Facebook will make 500 new jobs as it opens a fresh London office.

If you are inspired by their example and have decided to expand your company’s operations in London, here are some factors to keep in mind if you are particularly eager to get a sales team up and running in the UK capital.

You can reach a staggeringly high number of potential customers

One of the biggest advantages of having a sales base in London is the ready access it gives you to a huge number of potential customers – and not just in London itself.

While you certainly shouldn’t overlook the over 8 million people who live in the capital, a London base will enable access to 500 million people across Europe, “the world’s biggest single market”, as London & Partners declares. From London, low-cost air and rail links can be used to reach global territories – making London the most accessible city in Europe.

It can be easier to make good additions to your sales team

London & Partners, London’s official promotional company, also claims the city to have “Europe’s best and most diverse workforce”. 230 languages are represented among the workers numbering more than 4 million.

Therefore, once you have laid down roots in London, those roots could help you to benefit from a reliable stream of new and highly-skilled sales professionals for many years to come. Furthermore, regularly arranging new training for those professionals will be easy; here at Frosch Learning, we offer open sales courses, including in retail selling and exhibition selling, in the capital.

You need to be careful about your message in London

Before you get started with marketing in London, you need to carefully consider what to say and who those words should be directed to. You could find that a message which has served you well elsewhere in the UK or, indeed, the world won’t be so suitable for wooing Londoners.

It’s worth looking over your brand, as London & Partners advises, to assess how it should be tweaked to effectively connect with a fresh audience and counter the very different competitors that you could face in London.

Don’t wait before investing in brand PR

If your company has never previously operated in London, then many people in the city might never have even heard of it before your entry. Naturally, however, when people first learn about your company, you want them to hear or read positive sentiments. You can better ensure that by spending on favourable PR for your company as soon as you have decided to expand into London.

This is vital because, given how strong the presence of social media could be in many of your target customers’ lives, these people could too easily read something negative about your firm before your sales efforts even reach them.